Since we live in the 21st century, with natural stone imported from all over the world, PIATRAONLINE takes this concept further, working on a global level for improving the working conditions in its supply chain from Asia to South America. A transparent policy, enforcing and emphasizing the criteria imposed to our suppliers for an indefinite term partnership. The connections developed during 11 years of experience allowed us to deliver premium products, reliability, quality services, constant stocks and prompt deliveries for our clients.

PIATRAONLINE aims to provide an extended product range of premium natural stone with affordable prices for building experts, yet without compromising our excellent services and customer support. As a constant in our daily operations, we aim to deliver quality with every detail. We wish to offer our customers not only the best quality materials, but to do it as a symbol of our high standards.

Because the quality of natural stone is associated with a strict and meticulous selection of products:

  • We provide consistent quality natural stone, extracted from the same quarries;
  • We communicate correct with our customers about our products;
  • We make sure we have sufficient stock for your project, in a single package;
  • We integrate sustainability in our processes;

We have a different approach for this business, as a “one click solution” with constant availability of stocks and reliable services.


Our Vision

We strongly believe that everyone has the right to a decoration project in harmony with nature. Natural stone is the oldest material on Earth, the most stable and durable. We feel that everybody deserves to have it around.

We target full, professional services by creating a place where customers receive more than expected, so that they could give us good references.


Our values

Trust and Respect

We are confident in our capacity and this associated with customer’s trust in our capacities is a value that must be earned and maintained if we seek to receive and deliver a genuine and enduring respect.

Honesty and expertise

We are perfectly aware that without honesty, acknowledgement and fulfillment of promises, associated with a special care for details we will not be able to prove the expertise we strive to nurture constantly. We are experts in natural stone and we will remain experts in natural stone!

Innovation and initiative

We take pride in always trying to invent something, developing new products and services and constantly trying to evolve. This means innovation.

We have to innovate if we want to always surprise our clients and this defines imagination.

Flexibility and clarity

We underlined our human resource and their power of innovation, refinement and creation.

We are ready to adapt to our employees, customers, suppliers, new situations and demands.

This is the definition of being flexible – and we constantly try to avoid that such flexibility might turn to obscurity and this is why we strive to reveal our true nature whether it is the pricing policy, the outlook of our company or our plans for the future.

Throughout our 11 years of presence on the domestic and global market in more than 21 countries, the expertise and respect for our clients associated with premium quality services, certified the name PIATRAONLINE as a popular and reliable brand. Our constant concern is to remain the best, always driven by ambition, while trying to meet our client’s needs and suggestions.

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