Who we are

We are the leading

online retailer for natural stone in Romania. PIATRAONLINE business was introduced during a time when online shopping was not so popular, especially in constructions – a domain where customers need to be able to study materials, see and touch them. If people consider natural stone only a material, for us it is much more – it is a wonder of nature we should all enjoy. We believe in stone’s versatility and its ability to convey a wide range of feelings, based on the way it is perceived and integrated into a project. Natural stone carries information, like any other element of nature, information that turn into stories we convey into your home. We put our heart and soul into natural stone. 

PIATRAONLINE is more than a supplier of natural stone with an online shop, we are a partner for your projects, #generatinginspiration for a creative community, besides the architects and designers. For more than 11 years, we have carefully selected and imported the best natural stone from all over the world, so that our customers could achieve their dreams. Whether it comes from South America or Asia, if you are searching for premium quality natural stone, we have it on stock.

We trust the creative potential of our clients, therefore we are fully commited to every new project. We consider every new project as a white canvas, since we have the color palette to paint it. Creativity alone will not do, because without premium materials you will not be able to create amazing project. During 11 amazing years and more than 40,000 projects in our portfolio, we learned that when you pursue your passion, the rewards will come. 

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