Our offer

The franchise

It is a partnership between two or more entrepreneurs for developing a local, regional or international chain, based on the successful business model of an already popular company. Applying for PIATRAONLINE franchise is the ideal and efficient way to open a business without starting from scratch. What do we offer?

A to Z Training

Investing in a franchise requires a practical guide with every necessary steps for a successful investment. That’s why trainings are essential for growing and developing in line with your investment.

The benefits of your investment are not visible from the first day of the opening, but if you decide to be active and get involved in developing your business, you will get the most out of your investment.

We believe that every training stage includes important questions and we will assist you for finding your answer with creative solutions.

Presentations – according to studies, more than 80% of communication is nonverbal. When introduced to new working methods or descriptions that you might also read, ask for a presentation.

Further experience proved us that you can not build without a few VALUES as guidance, values that have helped us to develop in time, to become what we are today. During training we will underline each value distinctively and we expect to acknowledge them accordingly.

Each training is meant to assist you developing even better the skills that will help you achieve a successful business, in partnership with us.

The task of PIATRAONLINE trainer is to offer you the best possible training in his area of expertise. Your job implies setting specific goals, attainable with the tools you learned from us. No trainer will be able to deliver you success, it is your responsibility to generate results. We offer you the foundation for a good start, but it takes involvelment from franchisee to develop a business.

Local publicity and marketing, both online and offline

Revolution or evolution? PIATRAONLINE – online store with a superb showroom offline. Since the beginning we relied on internal and European market publicity, having currently more than 40,000 clients (internal and international), all based on an equilibrium between offline and online communication – with out of the box campaigns and awareness strategies that generated an active community of more than 100,000 fans on social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. The buying decision should be always an experience and the fact that people have access to many different offers, makes them less willing to brand loyalty. From our experience, we concluded that large budgets alone will not make the difference, but the message you deliver, the communication with your public and especially the desire of #generatinginspiration for your community. We believe that our values helped us to avoid the label “just another natural stone shop” and becomes something else for our followers.

The online show “Inspiring Stories” is one of our dearest projects that involved a lot of hard work it is ongoing and one more reason for our pride. A live show on Facebook that brings to PIATRAONLINE showroom inspirational people for their area of expertise – such as successful business people, architects, film directors, photographers or PR people. In a place where stone has its own universe, we managed to host more than a stone exhibition, but events able to inspire change for our community.

#FoodRocks – A campaign originated from our passion for natural stone and the fascination of designers for kitchen objects. We challenged our contestants to create kitchen objects made exclusively from natural stone. The challenge was accepted and we managed to bring together gastronomy and natural stone, awarding the best ideas that will be included in a future collection.

Most of the time, people only emphasize the ugly part of things. Whether we are talking about a brand, a service or a work of art, people have a tendency to only give negative feedback, which will turn into a less enjoyable experience for both parties. #Reviewthegood was our campaign aimed at stimulating people to provide positive and productive feedback, even for situations when they were less satisfied. People’s perspective helped us to identify the problems much faster, so that we could improve and made the next experience different. We also encouraged our community to discuss beautiful things and share their pleasant experiences with other people, not only the bad experiences. We always believed and continue to believe that change begins with us so that we can be able to generate change in our community.

PIATRAONLINE is the online store for natural stone, but apart from this is #generatinginspiration with hard work, beautiful people and the wish to grow and influce with every delivered project, campaign or message.

Transfer of know how

By investing in a franchise, PIATRAONLINE franchisees will acquire a valuable advantage ahead of competition outside the network. The secrets of a successful franchise partnership imply mainly the connection between the expertise (know-how) of franchisor and the entrepreneurial spirit of franchisee.

The essential advantages:

  • You are not supposed to develop a business from scratch – someone else already did it – and the most important is the fact that it has been successfully tested.
  • You remain an independent entrepreneur, but you are not alone in your business.
  • Use an already popular name, with already built market share and competitive advantages.
  • Promoting already famous products or services.
  • Customized assistance on different marketing topics.
  • The benefit of initial training provided by franchisor, apart from continuous training (such as seminars, trainings).
  • You have permanent support on topics such as management and business operations.
  • The prospect of failure is diminished compared to other independent business.
  • You have the exclusive right to promote a concept in a specific area.

We provide the specific knowledge you need for your development – information about product range, sales, technical specifications and communication – collected during more than 11 years of activity with important research and development methods. We provide documents, sketches, manuals, collection of classified technical information, all essential and established from experience. We will make sure you receive all the necessary data and information so that you can justify your decision and make an informed choice. However, in a business you will received as much as you invest, which means that your success depends on your involvement.

Transparency and taxation

All our work is based on a maximum transparency due to system implemented over the years that provide accurate reports and complete taxation by working daily with imports and exports from more than 21 countries worldwide. Transparency is one of the values that inspired us when we opened PIATRAONLINE business. We wanted to provide customers not only a best quality material, but the execution should indicate our high standards. We are perfectly aware that without complete honesty, acknowledgement and fulfillment of our promises, we will not be able to prove the expertise we strive to nurture constantly.

Franchise is the modern way of managing the production/commercial activities. It emerged from a need of adapting companies to the new demands of global economy. The definition of a franchise might consists of a single phrase: “Teach me to succeed alone”, expressing the interdependent relationship between franchisor and franchisee, with a complementary added value provided by every member.

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